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How It Works

There is no obligation to switch suppliers but the more people who sign up, the better the deal. Anyone can sign up for the Summer Collective until midnight on 19th June.

You can take part in our collective energy switch if you:

  • Pay for your energy bills quarterly, monthly, by direct debit, cash or cheque
  • Use a pre-payment meter which is topped up by a card or key
  • Own your own home or live in accommodation rented from a private or social landlord
  • Are on a fixed tariff with your current supplier
  • Have, or have not, switched before!


  • 1. Registration

    It’s free with no obligation to switch. Just provide some basic details about you and your energy supply

  • 2. The Auction

    We invite all suppliers to bid providing an exclusive cheap energy deal for the group

  • 3. The Deal

    From the 20th June we will notify you of the winning energy deal, the benefits and how much you could save by switching.

  • 4. Comparison

    We will show you how the deal compares with all other tariffs in the market. If you prefer, you can switch to one of those instead

  • 5. Switch & Save

    You can switch online or by phone. energyhelpline, our comparison partner, will organise the switch.

The winning deal(s) will be displayed at the top of the results page with all other energy tariffs just below, so you can choose the best energy deal for your individual requirements and payment method.

energyhelpline will support you through the whole switching process, either by email or on the phone.

Click here to register.