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To date we have offered six collective energy switches with energyhelpline and are proud to have helped over 2,000 householders switch to cheaper tariffs and reduce their annual energy bills by an average of £230 per year. The total savings achieved by everyone that we’ve helped to switch so far adds up to almost half a million pounds!

Some of the feedback that we have received from householders who have switched with us is provided below:

VC from Truro

“Felt a bit stupid that I didn't do it sooner. Previous online comparison sites never showed much of a saving so I didn't think it was worth the hassle. However with the collective my direct debit was instantly reduced, and after just 6 weeks my first meter reading has put me £25 in credit...long may it continue, and big thanks to CES for getting a good deal!”

R Shemilt from Bude. (Saving £250)

“When I last switched over 10 years ago it took over 6 months for things to be sorted out, double billing was a particular problem. This time it all went very smoothly with no problems and excellent com's from both suppliers. I look forward to next year's deal. The saving was a very important issue for me being disabled and on benefits.”

J M from Carharrack

“The process was simple and very effective, I keep a keen eye on energy prices and felt I was already on a competitive tariff but the community switch saved me over a £100 a year and I am very happy with this result.”

E Giggal from Penzance

“Really positive and so easy, you did the hard work for us! Much easier than on previous occasions. I liked the fact that you supplied detailed options so we could consider what was really best for our needs. It seems we have made significant savings.”

Ray G. (Saving £180.00)

“Very simple process, E on did nearly everything for us. As a pensioner it is important to get the best possible deal”

Julie B

“Found the experience straightforward and simple. The savings will take some pressure off finances and possibly enable me to use the heating when needed.”

DG from Newquay

“Very easy. No need to trawl through different providers tariffs to choose the best. The hard work was done for me and the collective discounts are advantageous.”

J.R. from Perranporth

“The savings help enormously and it makes a big difference not to feel helpless before the power of the energy companies.”

CK from Penzance.

“In these times of having to watch your money outgoings, it was good to see you as a way of reducing our bills"

AF Crowlas (Saving £30 per month)

“It was exactly as advertised. Easy to use, clearly shown savings, pain-free communications with old and new supplier. Personally, we save £30 per month with our new supplier. This is incredibly satisfying and useful, as all the other bills seem to be increasing!”

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